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Satellite AIS data services & vessel monitoring solutions

exactEarth is a leading organisation in the field of global AIS vessel tracking, collecting the most comprehensive ship monitoring data and delivering the highest quality information to customers around the world.

exactEarth products

1) exactAIS® - The most complete data service for monitoring the world's shipping

2) exactAIS Archive™ - The most complete global record of Satellite AIS vessel movements as a direct result of our continuous and comprehensive satellite AIS service

3) exactEarth ShipView™ - A modern web-based global vessel application and your new porthole into the world's shipping

4) exactAIS Geospatial Web Services™ - The world's shipping is now at your fingertips with Satellite AIS Data-On-Demand using certified OGC services

5) exactAIS Density Maps™ - Visualise large sets of shipping data in minutes with exactAIS Density Maps™

6) exactTrax™ - Enhanced long range AIS Class B tracking data


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